I took a needle in my arm
Shot you up
And felt you wash through my veins
Cool and languor
Felt the high go to my head
Saw the stars in a different light
But when I came down
You were gone

So I bought more needles
Invested more and more
Into you
Watched as you left
Scars on my arms
Drain life out of
My eyes
All in the name of love
All for that high

And one night as I
Looked in the mirror
I saw a hollow
Sunken man
Look back
There was no high
No happiness
No love
No joy
Only pain

So I quit my addiction
Safe guarded my heart
Reminded myself
That the blood flowing
In my veins
Was enough

That love
Can exist without
Or emptiness

We all have
Monsters and
Inside us
Are just better
At taming

Let it be


Let it be my hope
That the darkness will diminish
My pain will alleviate
And I will be set free

Let it be my dream
To stay positive
To influence others
And to show gods grace in all my actions

Let it be my faith
That leads me in all decisions
That conquers the evil in my life

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They say
The path way
To one’s heart
Is through our minds
We start
As a thought
And then build
Until a monument
A bridge
Between our hearts
Is made

But when
They leave
We remove them
From our thoughts
Bring down
The monuments
We made
And with time
The bridge
Will fall

What is in our mind
Will surely take root
In our heart

We need only to
Plant it
Or weed it
To decide
What grows

How do you rebuild trust?
When afterwards, the air feels stagnant
Every word is weighed instead of believed
Actions are dissected
And motives unclear

Maybe it’s bought
Paid with
Half actions from them
Half faith from you
When their heart starts to show
And you finally believe
Their smile is for you
And not themselves
When love is selfless

How do you rebuild something
That you can’t see?
With surprises and laughter
Tight hugs and shared dreams
By reminding each other
Each day
How much you mean
To each other
It’s going out of your way
To do something for them
Breaking free from the ordinary
To create that extraordinary

I guess it takes love
To rebuild trust.
And I don’t think anything less
Will do



Slit me open
And let me breathe
Release the pressure
And let the pain escape
Empty my heart
Of the troubles
And sorrows
Rid my body
Of the damage
And abuse
Let me bleed out
Let me let go
Let me free myself

Put me together
And make sure you use
Every single piece

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Life is a series of breaths
A sigh of relief
A gasp of pain
Or the breath held
After a long awaited kiss

Life is a series of breaths
But at some point
We all have to exhale
And let go

I Want

I want
Of joy

I want
From falling
From great heights
To show how many
Leaps it took
To finally fly

I want
So that when
My eyes close
And I wake
To see you
I will forget
What it felt like

I want
And rage
So that when
We are done yelling
We can collapse
Into each other’s arms
And laugh about
It all

I want
So that my heart
Carves your name
Into its skin
So that
No one else
Can claim it

I want
Empty hands
So that when they hold
I will know
What its like
To hold another’s

I want
All these things
And more
But mostly
What I want
Is you


I’m trying to remember
What it was I saw
Like that one part of a book
That you can never seem to recall

What color was the hair?
What hue, the eyes?
What were the reasons behind
All those nights I cried?

I guess the important thing is
That I can’t seem to
Remember you at all


Inside the heart burns
Like the coals long after the
Fire has shut its eyes
Chilled winds blow
Through the hollow flame
That once stood strong and proud
To silence the heart
And disperse the warmth

A spark ignites

And with that
My heart ignites
A wildfire
For you