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Duo Gadjo - Sous Le Ciel De Paris - YouTube

So much French music to inspire my writing

Lone Sea


I’m a lone man on the sea

On the boat that’s made for me

Smooth wood with soft grain

House my sorrow and great pain

Alone I sit, I and my skiff

Hushed and shushed as we’re adrift

Currents pull as the winds stir

sailing away, to where, I’m not sure

I’m a lone man on the sea

On the boat that’s made for me

With land all ‘round to see

But none of them are meant for me

And so I sit alone at sea

I and my skiff

Adrift at sea

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Dim the Lights


If only I could lay with you again.  If you could fill that hollow place within my heart and within my arms tonight, then sleep and dreams might find their way to me.

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On Fire


Burn burn burn

Burn me down to the ground

Your pants are on fire darling

"I promise they’re not" you say

As I sit and drink my life away

Watching the flames flicker and sway

No no no

No you’re not the only one

Who justifies the unjust with lies

Birthed from the “sane”…

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i remember you like a dream.
for those days
you were the last molecule
inside a gas chamber
that i ached to breathe in.
there is only a void
where you should be.
i cannot be satisfied anymore with
with ‘maybe.’
i cannot believe you ever really existed.
or that you still exist somewhere
far, far away.
i want to ask things of you
that i know i cannot ask
across oceans, across continents,
across space and time.
i want to be what the sea feels like
to you,
the ocean inside your chest.
you have somehow rooted yourself
around my ribcage
and i can’t forget.
strange to think
i’ll carry on without you.
strange to think
maybe someday i’ll be gone from you
for good
and maybe someday you won’t know who i am.
but in these days we live inside
you have what’s left of my shattered heart

Charles Trenet - La Mer - YouTube

More songs to write to

Of Monsters and Men - King And Lionheart - YouTube

More music to write to

Trauma - Coeur De Pirate (Full Album) 2014 - YouTube

Because this album fills my hands with words, and cause my fingers to bleed ink upon the page.

He was my best friend. The closest thing to family that I’ve ever had in my life, and I loved him, with all of my heart. As the stars began to spin floating in the hotel pool with my tux still on, I couldn’t help but think of him.

I thought about how shitty his beard was. How goofy his grin and smelly his feet were. How we used to TP houses and steal traffic cones. The evenings we spent on front porches smoking our pipes and just talking about our day. I thought about all the nights he would come down stairs, only to find me in his basement drunk with nothing but sorrow and grief to give. I thought about how he took care of me in those times. When I puked, when I cried, and even through the suicides.

I remembered the time he came home to find me in bed, over dosing on pills and slowly fading. How I told him what I had done. And my best friend crawled in next me and held me, not quite knowing if I would wake up.
And he still loved me. He loved me beyond measure and beyond belief. When I felt that God himself had left me, and all the world denied me, he was still there to love me. To simply say “keep trying”.
And honestly, all I’ve ever done for him was listen. For 5 years I listened as he told me about what he wanted. About finding a girl to love. To kiss. To hold her hand. And to hear him say that he envied me. And all I could think of was how he would find her before me. How he would know a real love before I would. And how he would marry her with me beside him. I told him this every night for 5 years until he finally met her.

It wasn’t until I got back to the empty hotel room that I realized who he was to me. It wasn’t until the stars began to spin floating in the hotel pool with my tux still on. It wasn’t until now that I realized how much he meant to me, how much I needed him, or how much I loved him.

He is my best friend. The first person to show me what love and friendship truly is. And I can only hope to meet a girl who can love me like he has.

Jimmy, I may have been your best man, but you are the best friend I could have ever hoped for.

Thank you