She pulls away
Drawn by the evening light
Leaving me alone
To ponder
Until the rising sun
Brings her back to me
Washing away the evidence
Of the night before

Perhaps we are both
Coiled inside ourselves
By the sight
Of the moon

I think the worst part about a break up, is watching how you change in their eyes. You’re a knight in shining armor. A hero. And then, in a matter of days or months, your armor rusts. The ties loosen. And it falls. And what’s left is a mere boy. As time wears, you become another shadow in a faceless crowd.

She finds other heroes and other knights. And you still stand wondering how it all happened. And why she still stands out to you.

I would like
To lose myself
In amber pools
Of bourbon
And hard liquor
Dance with the
Ghosts of
Lovers past
And those to come
To be drawn to
Those linen sheets
Quivering lips upon my chest
Quiet tears and kisses
On my neck
As they pull me close
And tight
For those shadowed hands
To hold my face
Wipe away the tears
And plant small gardens
Of hope in their wake

I’d like
To be folded up
And torn
Written and scrawled on
Tear stained
And lip stick stains
A human love letter
To someone or another
To someone
Maybe like myself

I’d like
To crawl in bed
Not alone tonight

My Earth

If there were a thousand wars
Their blood could never pay
The price I would shed for you
And yet my heart rises
Like the dark storm upon the sun
Swirling around within its own
Self destructive certainties
It moves with purpose
With its rise and fall
And its lips kiss earth
With lightning traced breath
And when it meets the dirt
With his love laden tears
He graces the world with his
Final soft and beautiful
That is my want for you
For my heart to be a storm
Fierce with its passion
Yet gentle with its tears

For with fervor I shall find you
And with diligence I shall work
And fight
And shout
And shed
All that I have
within me
For you

My earth


I’m trying to remember
What it was I saw
Like that one part of a book
That you can never seem to recall

What color was the hair?
What hue, the eyes?
What were the reasons behind
All those nights I cried?

I guess the important thing is
That I can’t seem to
Remember you at all

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This is true. Every word. And I love it

This is true. Every word. And I love it

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This has been my life for the past month. Working on my truck, starting my new job at the parts shop, and hanging out with this beautiful girl.

It’s been a good month I say ;)

unmade beds


There’s something so at ease, so comfy and dreamy about unmade beds…. Like after all that’s happened there, they’re the ones that got exactly what they needed. No longing, no wishing, no craving.

Picture a pair of satin white linens all messed up, resting carefree whilst le soleil de l’eté…

This. This is seductive. I love it!

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If I was the wind
You were my sunflower
I chased you miles across the globe
Through seasons
Through time
I moved the oceans
As they rippled at my touch
I scorched the deserts
As I carried this fiery heart
I stood upon mountains
As I kissed the face of God
In thanks
For the beauty of this flower
And as I came running
Down through the valleys
I fell softly
Like a whisper
Upon your lips

You are my sunflower
And I your wind
Let the chase